chatbot for twitch

As we talked about earlier, there are a variety of ways you can use this type of utility, but in our case, we’ll be using it to build a simple chat bot. The great thing is to interact with Twitch, we can use libraries like tmi.js available on npm that we can run on a node server, giving us an easy way to get a new bot up and running. You can connect different accounts using these steps, with slight modifications. For example with Discord, you’ll need to log in and follow the setup instructions. In order for this to work, you first need to go to Twitch and open a separate bot account. You should stay logged into Twitch via this account throughout the process.

If you haven’t created that new account, take a moment to go do that now. But either way, that bot ultimately gets deployed to a server where it “lives” and can actively keep running, listening to that Twitch stream, which is where Heroku comes in. Usually, for those paid chat bot applications, to access the authorization screen there would be a website with a pretty “authorize on twitch” button or something. This is all there is to it, regarding the implementation of a chat bot! Now we move into the “How to I setup and use the thing” part. Which I guess is the most interesting for the non-coders among you.

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Developed in a user-friendly way and packed with a registration-free login system, it’s one of the best bots for Twitch. Here is a list of all the best Twitch bots that you can get for your Twitch channel right now. You can register listeners to chat commands using register_command(). You might not want your commands to be available to everyone all the time, even though they’re awesome. You could have a busy chat or someone could be a troll and spam the command all the time.

chatbot for twitch

As a result, viewers on different tiers can be given different rewards such as extra votes or access to certain features. This chatbot has taken over many Twitch channels, including mine, thanks to the integrated version within Streamlabs OBS and the distinct standalone download of Streamlabs Chatbot. Many streamers will know this bot as “Ankhbot,” a popular chatbot that has been around for years. Most chatbot capabilities, such as moderation tools and custom commands, are available in the integrated version. Unlike its competitors, this chatbot can link with the Streamlabs Merch Store, allowing streamers to do live giveaways of their stuff from within the chatbot. Nightbot is arguably the most user-friendly chatbot on this list.

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Besides being a Twitch chat bot, this one also works with other platforms like YouTube and Facebook. The Streamlabs chatbot is a chatbot that can be used not only on a Twitch stream but also on YouTube and Mixer channels. They can also help with general chat moderation, and organizing games, or polls when you need them. No matter if your channel has three average viewers or a hundred (maybe more), we’d suggest you make your channel better and your life easier as soon as you can. There’s certainly lots to gain by choosing a familiar name that viewers will recognize, but at the end of the day it’s your stream and you should make of it what you want.

How to Connect Streamlabs to Twitch – Alphr

How to Connect Streamlabs to Twitch.

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Worst case scenario, we can have wrong values in the config, but that is managed on the response handling section. In all seriousness this brief description on each config is all you need for now to understand what comes next in this guide, so let’s move on. This website is in no way affiliated with, authorized, maintained, sponsored, or endorsed by Twitch Interactive, Inc. ( or any of its affiliates or subsidiaries. You are entirely responsible for any problems that may arise from using our service. If you end your stream, your bot will be closed automatically.


We strive to maintain a balance between our costs and service prices to bring you the best value possible. Our beautifully designed dashboard boasts a sleek and fast interface, crafted with your convenience and efficiency in mind. It’s the perfect tool to help you streamline your workflow and make the most of your time. pushes the boundaries of what is possible with a livestream.

chatbot for twitch

To get started, you’ll need to decide on the purpose of your chatbot. Will it be used to answer customer questions, provide support, or promote your products? Once you know the purpose of your chatbot, you can start to plan its functionality. Overall, Moobot is an excellent chatbot that offers many features and is very user-friendly. However, it is not perfect, and there are some areas where it could improve.

Connecting to a Twitch stream and reading chat messages

Our final bot to look at is Wizebot, and it seems to do the job perfectly well. Wizebot boasts an impressive number of features, all of which are completely free. Users can utilize the bot to record quotes, queue to play with the streamer, and be rewarded with spendable currency. Go to the Wizebot website using the link mentioned o click here to enter the Wizebot website. Either the “START THE EXPERIENCE” for options or the “Connection” option to connect to Twitch directly.

chatbot for twitch

Moobot can be customized as desired to perform functions you wish. The Moobot is somewhat similar to Nightbot with a few different features. However, it’s not as popular and you might not have heard of it. Think of making use of bots as a way of delegating tasks instead of having to do them yourself. These bots can do some of the tasks you’d have to manually do on Twitch for you. Chatbots are beneficial in enhancing the features in your chat while keeping it free of spam.

Bot Framework Web Chat

Our twitch view bot boosting service stands out from the rest with our unique use of home internet connections, rather than proxies. Thanks to our partnerships, we are able to collect and utilize these authentic IP addresses to provide the perfect boosting experience. While other Twitch boost services rely on detectable proxies, our method ensures a more natural and untraceable performance.

Is there an app for just Twitch chat?

Chatty is a chat software specifically made for Twitch, in the spirit of a classic IRC Client.

Streamlabs chatbot is a brilliant addition to your Twitch, YouTube, and Mixer that makes interacting with your viewers a breeze. Here’s how to set it up and connect to your accounts, plus how to use various Streamlabs chatbot commands. Our twitch follower bot service is straightforward and realistic. When you purchase a package, all of your followers will be transferred to your Twitch channel within the specified time frame. Our Twitch accounts service creates all accounts quickly and with the highest level of quality. Our twitch viewer bot system is truly unrivaled when it comes to undetectability on Twitch.

Streamlabs Cloudbot

It is a bot made by a Twitch family member so works seamlessly with Twitch. It is the perfect solution for anyone looking for a Chatbot to moderate their viewers. It is the perfect solution that allows you to focus on streaming.

Amouranth said in a press release, according to Dexerto, that she’s excited about partnering with Forever Voices AI on her companion chatbot. For eight weeks, we broadcast each live episode from our Twitch studio—complete with guest appearances from pros, top gaming hosts, and industry insiders. Each episode highlighted a core gaming rig component for the Super Rig, and we called on DEW Nation to tune in and help us co-create it for release. Next, connect mIRC to Twitch by clicking on the File button and selecting Select Server.

Fast sign up with Twitch

Overall, StreamElements is an excellent option for streamers looking for a chatbot that offers many features and customization options. While there have been some complaints about the quality of customer service, most users seem to be happy with the bot and find it easy to use. If you’re looking for a chatbot that can help make your streams more interactive and engaging, StreamElements is worth considering. OWNED Pro is a Twitch chat bot that provides you with various amazing features to help make your streams more interactive.

chatbot for twitch

You can also use its betting feature to entertain your viewers between video streams. As these chatbots have a lot to offer, finding the best one from the huge list is no piece of the cake. Seeing how troublesome and cumbersome it can be, we have listed the top Twitch chatbots that have earned popularity recently.

Is Moobot or Nightbot better?

Nightbot offers regular expression based chat filtering as well as simple wildcard based word/phrase matching, and has many of the same preset chat filters that Moobot offers. Moobot and Nightbot serve similar functions, so it is best if you choose one and stick with it.

Having humans in moderation is important, but you cannot expect them to keep pace with the ever increasing volume of chats. Also, human tend to make mistakes, and chatbots are here to simply eliminate these chances. The reaction time of a chatbot highly exceeds that of a human.

And with new features and software entering the already clustered market each day, there’s no clear winner in our eyes. Although it’s one of the newer bots in the scene, plenty of well-known streamers are already using it, including HasanAbi, Myth, 39daph, Sodapoppin and many others. Like Moobot, Nightbot acts as an auto-moderator in your livestreaming chat. However, unlike the aforementioned Twitch bot, Nightbot can also be used on YouTube and Discord. Typically to get a chatbot on Twitch, you will need to log in to the Chatbot site using your Twitch account. Most people have common sense and won’t try to cause issues.

In addition to spam filters and chat moderation, Moobot also supports song requests, competitions, notifications, and custom messages. It offers random announcements in stream, can create your own virtual currency, blocks abusive chat and much more. It’s one of the few bots to feature the option to see who has unfollowed your profile, though it’s fair to say that many people might not want that option. One of the most distinctive bots in Twitch, Moobot can be seen all throughout the streaming site.

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How to do a chatbot on Twitch?

  1. Step 1: Go to Twitch to Open a Bot Account. In order for this to work, you first need to go to Twitch and open a separate bot account.
  2. Step 2: Return to Streamlabs and Find the Connections Tab.
  3. Step 3: Generate a Token.
  4. Step 4: Connect Your Account.

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