zendesk vs intercom for customer support

However, it’s obvious that they’re crafted for different use cases. Intercom is more sales-oriented, while Zendesk has everything a customer support representative can dream about. So you see, it’s okay to feel dizzy when comparing Zendesk vs Intercom for customer support. Broken down into custom, resolution, and task bots, these can go a long way in taking repetitive tasks off agents’ plates. Triggers should prove especially useful for agents, allowing them to do things like automate notifications for actions like ticket assignments, ticket closing/reopening, or new ticket creation. Their template triggers are fairly limited with only seven options, but they do enable users to create new custom triggers, which can be a game-changer for agents with more complex workflows.

Is Zendesk good for customer service?

“Zendesk helped us quickly get control once volumes spiked, both in understanding what was happening and in the handling of the queries.” “Having Zendesk as a stable force… meant we could identify any potential customer issues and quickly get those rectified.”

You can even improve efficiency and transparency by setting up task sequences, defining sales triggers, and strategizing with advanced forecasting and reporting tools. Starting at $19 per user per month, it’s also on the cheaper end of the spectrum compared to high-end CRMs like ActiveCampaign and HubSpot. Overall, I actually liked Zendesk’s user experience better than Intercom’s in terms of its messaging dashboard.

When comparing Zendesk and Intercom, you can also consider the following products

It gives support and sales-focused teams valuable insights into how customers use the system, providing them with helpful customer satisfaction metrics and identifying areas for improvement. To help you make an informed decision about which customer support chatbot best suits your needs, we’ve compiled the top 6 customer support chatbots for 2023. Zendesk offers a basic plan that is affordable and will suit my needs. However, I do recommend Intercom for eCommerce stores that may need to integrate the features with their store.

For teams who may be upgrading from a standard email client like Gmail or Outlook, Help Scout and Intercom have shared inbox products that will be a huge step up. However, in recent years, more companies have chosen to use a single tool for customer communications across their entire organization, not just for a specific department. Intercom and Help Scout have been two of the most popular customer communications platforms for years, but they’ve always had different focuses. The bar for customer service keeps rising, and with Front, you’ll always stay ahead.

Zendesk vs Intercom vs ProProfs: Type of Users

The Intercom Platform shows you who your customers are and what they do in your web or mobile app, for free. There’s a 14-day free trial that starts directly with the plan and number of people that you need. You will have a chance to confirm your subscription before starting.


Whereas, most alternatives such as Gist have these features included at no extra cost to their users. With Crisp, you’ll be able to engage with customers in meaningful ways – from automated conversations to one-on-one interactions. You can also analyze customer feedback in real-time, allowing your team to proactively address any issues or concerns before they become major problems.

Software for Better Customer Relationships

According to some reviews, Zendesk makes you wait long before their support team gets back to you. It is frustrating for customers who need immediate support; hence why they often seek other Zendesk competitors. When choosing the best help desk tool, it’s necessary to consider pricing. In fact, sometimes, it is a critical factor, especially for small business owners. In the past, people considered Zendesk to have more robust features, but Freshdesk managed to make up through the years, so the differences between the two platforms are insignificant.

Why Zendesk is better than intercom?

Zendesk is billed more as a customer support and ticketing solution, while Intercom includes more native CRM functionality. Intercom isn't quite as strong as Zendesk in comparison to some of Zendesk's customer support strengths, but it has more features for sales and lead nurturing.

The Intercom versus Zendesk conundrum is probably the greatest problem in the world of customer support tools. They both offer some state-of-the-art core functionality and numerous unusual features. Basically, if you have a complicated customer support process, go with Zendesk for its help desk functionality. If you’re a sales-oriented corporation, go with Intercom for its automation options. Both tools can be quite heavy on your budget, since they’re mainly targeting big enterprises and don’t offer their full toolset at an affordable price. Intercom has a wider range of uses out of the box than Zendesk, though by adding Zendesk Sell, you could more than make up for it.

Chameleon’s Zendesk integration helps create targeted and effective tours for all situations

You know how Gmail updates automatically whenever a new email comes in? Enchant not only does this, but

everything about a customer request automatically updates in real time for everybody that’s logged in to the system. This is especially important in a collaborative environment where team members can pass requests to each

other or even work on the same request together. On the other hand, Enchant was built for the needs of small and medium business.

zendesk vs intercom for customer support

Its Shopify integrations only allow you to respond to customer queries. HubSpot might be the most popular alternative to Zendesk, but this isn’t only due to its advanced features; it’s also the ease of use, set-up, and admin that makes it a great customer support tool. Zendesk – Founded in 2007, Zendesk has been around the longest of the customer support tools, and has become the 800 pound Gorilla of the customer support world. While it is feature rich, it is less intuitive than a tool like Gorgias and requires more development resources to set up and optimize. Users described Zendesk as a large enterprise tool with lots of tech debt and various functions kluged on.

Hubspot Service Hub

Below you will find the most commonly asked questions and answers about Zendesk alternatives. The main advantage of these tools is that they can offer immediate assistance. Helpmonks is more affordable, easier to use, and more powerful than any other helpdesk system. Helpmonks includes a shared mailbox, knowledge base, and CRM capabilities. We release new features every week and we’re always open to feedback.

zendesk vs intercom for customer support

Zendesk for Service transforms customer queries and conversations from all channels–call, web chat, tweet, text, or email–into tickets in the Agent Workspace. Intercom and Zendesk are two of the most popular customer service metadialog.com platforms, each with its own set of distinct advantages and drawbacks. When you see pricing plans starting for $79/month, you should get a clear understanding of how expensive other plans can become for your business.

What is the best customer service ticketing system?

  1. Tidio. Tidio is an all-in-one customer service platform for small and growing businesses.
  2. Zendesk Ticketing System.
  3. HubSpot Ticketing System.
  4. Zoho Desk.
  5. Mojo IT Helpdesk.
  6. Freshdesk.
  7. HappyFox Help Desk Ticketing System.
  8. osTicket Free Ticketing System.

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